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Wives Hit The City 
Values & Pledge

Read below to complete your membership

WHTC Core Values
We believe....
  • God is the Head of the marriage

  • Communication is Key

  • Always speak to your husband with respect

  • Honesty and Trust must always be present in your marriage

  • Appearance should be maintained for you and your spouse

  • The little things should be appreciated

Take a Pledge with WHTC

I pledge to keep God as the head of my marriage and to openly communicate with my husband daily. I will always speak to my husband with respect and have respect for myself to represent my marriage. I will remain honest and trustworthy not only in my marriage but to other wives within WHTC.

As a new member and representative of WHTC, I understand that this group is a judgement free zone and I pledge to respect any confidences exchanged therein.

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